Wednesday, July 13, 2011

magicJack Plus Can Save You Thousands

For many of you this post will be irrelevant but for those that are still stuck in the age of the dinosaurs and have a home phone I have a great tip that can save you hundreds of dollars each year and thousands upon thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

This one little tip is simply to get the magicJack plus. The magicJack plus is an all-new device just released by VocalTec that provides unlimited local and long distance calling to the US and Canada for just $20 per year.

And the best thing is that the magic Jack has already been around for years so the company behind the new magicJack plus has proven to stand the test of time and we know they will be around for years to come as a major player in the telecommunications industry.

The magicJack plus is different from traditional phone service in that it doesn't work via telephone lines but rather through VoIP technology which routes your call through the Internet. It's really simple too, all you have to do is hook the magicJack plus up to your router via Ethernet and hook the other end into your phone via the phone jack and your phone line will be ready to go instantly.

Think about the savings you can get by making the switch. The magicJack plus cost is just $20 per year while a typical phone line costs $50 per month for a total of $600 per year. That's a savings of $580 per year or $5,800 in ten years.

You simple can't go wrong if you make this choice. Especially since magic Jack offers a 30-day free trial so that you can try it out before you cancel with your current phone company.