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Financial Advisor: Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

What is Financial Advisor Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU)?

In my last few posts I have been talking about a personal finance advising expert by the name of Dave Ramsey. I have gone over the Dave Ramsey Radio Show, Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom, and also given you all a detailed explanation of his Debt Snowball Debt Reduction Plan. If you are interested in any information about financial advisor Dave Ramsey you can read my previous.

The financial advising information financial advisor Dave Ramsey provides everyday on his website and radio show is really great information and does wonders in helping people achieve financial freedom. Financial advisor Dave Ramsey is providing Americans with the personal financial advising and financial planning advice that they need to begin to achieve financial freedom and financial peace. I have seen and experienced the personal financial principles (from listening to the Dave Ramsey Radio Show) and know for myself that if followed they can be very powerful (I have seen it in action with family friends). With this blog I am trying to also help Americans with simple, clear, and useful personal finance information and personal financial advising. I know that I could never be as influential as financial advisor Dave Ramsey, so I figured, why not write about him and then direct my readers to his website and his personal finance advising / financial planning.

Today I wanted to write about a very amazing financial advising product that he has been offering to his readers and listeners for sometime now. This financial advisors product is not as much of a product as it is a course on personal finances. It is called Financial Peace University (a.k.a Financial Peace University Online or FPU) and has been helping many Americans to learn about and follow financial advice to create wealth for themselves. Financial Peace University can be a life-changing experience for those that take it seriously as it acts as a personal financial advisor for you. Financial Peace University teaches its members to begin to think about money in a whole new way and shows them how to reach their financial goals and achieve financial freedom through sound financial planning

Financial Peace University is a 13 week financial advising program and can be done in a live setting with other members (it is sort of like a class and meets every week) or through Financial Peace University Online. The Financial Peace University program includes 13 different 1 hour financial advising video lessons and then usually involves a 1 hour open discussion about each lesson with other FPU members. Each FPU groups average size is about 10 families, which allows for a small and intimate group of families that can grow together and help support each other on their quest for financial freedom and financial peace.

The Financial Peace University membership kits costs $149, according to the Dave Ramsey online store and Financial Peace University Online is listed at $99. The picture above shows what you get with the membership as of June of 2007. I am not sure but they could have added more things as of today.

According to financial advisor Dave Ramsey's Website Financial Peace University personal financial advising has been used by over 500,000 families and on average each family pays off over $5,000 in debt and saves over $2,500 by the end of the 13 week program. Obviously a quick look at these numbers shows that the financial planning information and financial advising Dave is providing is working well.

The 13 week Financial Peace University financial advisor program includes all of the following lessons (Courtesy of Dave Ramsey's website)

1) Super Saving

This lesson includes financial advising on the 7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace and also goes over why you should save money and why you should start doing it immediately. He gives easy and practical advice about all kinds of different information from bank accounts to jumbo cd rates. He also suggest that you monitor bank rates and look for the right time to invest your savings in them.

2) Relating With Money

This financial advisor lesson is designed to help married couples to communicated and stick together in their efforts to achieve financial peace. This lesson all teaches parents how to teach their children about money.

3) Cash Flow Planning

This financial advisor lesson teaches members how to develop a monthly personal finance budgeting plan to help track and plan for where their money goes.

4) Dumping Debt

This financial advisor lesson gives its member a solid and concrete plan for getting out of debt and staying out of debt.

5) Credit Sharks in Suits

This financial advising lesson gives its members a comprehensive explanation of credit ratings and also explains how to handle collection agencies.

6) Buyer Beware

In this financial advising lesson Dave Ramsey goes over how marketing affects our everyday buying decisions. He gives his members the skills they need to make the right buying decisions.

7) Clause and Effect

Dave Ramsey goes over insurance in this financial advisors lesson and explains what kinds of insurance you need and what kinds you do not need.

8) That's Not Good Enough

In this financial advising lesson Dave goes over some secrets related to buying at bargain prices and doing it often. One of the most important things here is using a Real Estate investing guide.

9) Of Mice and Mutual Funds

Dave Ramsey uses this personal financial advisor lesson to teach his FPU members about long-term investing and empowers them to make their own decisions about their investments. He also teaches about how to save for retirement and how to do a 401k rollover if you change jobs.

10) From Fruition to Tuition

Here FPU members learn about different retirement options available and also about the different ways parents can help save for their children's college.

11) Working in Your Strengths

In this financial advising lesson Dave Ramsey teaches Financial Peace University members how to job hunt, write their resume, and how to be successful in their interview.

12) Real Estate & Mortgages

In this personal financial advisors lesson Dave uses his extensive real estate experience to teach FPU members how to a make good home purchase decisions and also shows members what mortgage programs are available and which ones they should go for.

13) The Great Misunderstanding Warning

In the final personal financial advising lesson Dave Ramsey challenges you to change the way you think about your money. He also goes in to depth about how generosity is an important part of your personal finances.

To get started with FPU and get sound financial planning tips you need to first purchase a membership kit. This can be done at the Dave Ramsey website. The next step is to find one of the classes that is going on in your area and join. You can also sign up for Financial Peace University Online instead of meeting with an actual class.

FPU is an amazing personal financial advising / financial planning tool and contains thee exact type of personal financial advising tips that we all need to get on the right track. I suggest that all of you visit Dave Ramsey's website and check out more information on Financial Peace University and see for yourself about how it can help you on your quest for financial freedom and financial peace.


Financial advisor Dave Ramsey is personal finance advising expert who specializes in giving out information to help people get out of debt and achieve financial peace. His radio show The Dave Ramsey Show is aired on over 300 different radio stations each day and heard by over 3 million listeners. Dave Ramsey is also the author of many great books including The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace, and More Than Enough.

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